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Getting lost in paradise

Posted by My Fashion Statement on Thursday, February 28, 2019


Once again I did a shoot with Look Alive. Take five if you love the overall composition and most importantly acknowledging the feature from super model Chelsee from Iconic Model Management…..she took it to a whole new level. Lastly, i’d like to offer my most sincere gratitude to Orinique_photography & 808Afrika for your amazing support.

Now lets dive into it !

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Meet The Brand | House Of Gentlemen

Celebrating a new Brand Ambassadorship.



Feeling ecstatic as I introduce the most talked about men’s-wear brand. Known for its esteemed cut-to-fit suits and a neck for trendy menswear, the “House of Gentlemen“. I am also proud to announce a Brand Ambassadorship between myself & HOG thus in this article I’ll shed some light on what to expect in the near future…

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|Styling| Discover your style – 5 Tips

The guide to a true and unique sense of fashion.



At the very beginning ofcourse. It is not all of us who are in the know on how to choose clothes that fit, colors that match or have the mental capacity to afford style. Some of you reading this might be very rich and can afford expensive clothes but somehow when worn it looks like a cheap knock-off ! no offense. In this article I have 5 tips to help someone discover they’re style….

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[Styling] Blue-checkered suit,Mix n Match



The suit maketh man! If you’re a lover of high-end men’s formal wear, with a bespoke kind of attitude towards your outfits, then this post if definitely for you. Today we’re discussing the blue-checkered suit and all its finesse. Gone are the days when men would just rock on a suit and not get playful around the many ways you can wear the suit for countless times and still have that fresh new look….Lets dive right in !

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Plugged in | Unplugged Zimbabwe


When fashion meets lifestyle, this is what happens ! After watching the video you can agree with me that there is a lot to be said about the Fashion in Zimbabwe, but before we dive into that, I’d like to give a special thanks to Unplugged Zimbabwe for hosting us at the November edition of Unplugged 2017, such a glorious event.

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The Jan-Jam (Fashion Exhibition) | Experience

Where to begin ?

If you are a lover of high-end fashion, classy and dapper looks then this post is definitely for you. I would like you to experience this astounding fashion through my attendance at a Fashion Exhibition hosted by Jan-Jam and trust me, i have never felt more alive….

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Charity Walkathon 2017 | My Fashion Statement

Welcome back to My Fashion Statement !

It took me a reasonable amount of time to realize that it is not always about me, that everything i do should improve the next persons life. I was truly inspired by this concept of humanity, so much that we decided to run a Charity Campaign to help the less privileged……

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The Fashion Swap Party | Experience

Behind that serious face….

Was so much excitement & happiness, trust me lol. Why was i happy ? It was shortly after l had received an invitation for the Fashion Swap Party (Pop up sale) hosted by Nakisso Soulful Fashion |05.08.17. Hope you enjoyed watching the video……

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The Time Traveler | Women’s Month

In support of women this month:

My Fashion Statement has decided to run a campaign in collaboration with Revlon as a way to appreciate and empower women…..

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After denim, LEATHER has to be next in line for every man’s must have. For countless reasons, this item can really step-up up your wardrobe game and add a little playful touch to your look. I’m excited to present to you my leather street-style look this season……

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