The gentlemans playground

Growing up, I’ve always been asked what my favorite color is and I’d say,”white”. Just by the looks of things that was just an instinctive thought as l had no idea ‘why’. Maybe because it was just clean or because it was my best friends favorite color, who knows lol.

But all things being fair, i stumbled across an amazing article, probably from a typing error. But what are the odds of finding this great article that clearly illustrated, that white is a mixture of all, it is the alpha. a creation/combination that resembles all colors.

In respect of that, I’ve decided to run a colorful theme for you my valued readers, and today we pin-point how drastically color can affect your wardrobe, what people think of you and how it can affect your state of mind !

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Fashion x Winter


It always gets me excited when seasons shift, as the nights get longer and colder this winter. Also appreciating the shift of thought as we begin to find means and ways to keep warm but still being able to look good.

So here’s me, with a smile presenting my new look (a must have) for this season !

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