Fashion x Winter


It always gets me excited when seasons shift, as the nights get longer and colder this winter. Also appreciating the shift of thought as we begin to find means and ways to keep warm but still being able to look good.

So here’s me, with a smile presenting my new look (a must have) for this season !

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“Here is the perfect gentleman, reading the daily news, a man with focus, precision.

There is nothing that can re-shape his thoughts ! He has made his decision !”


“I have always admired the old-school as compared to the new-school, and reading the paper has always been the traditional way of keeping ourselves posted on the daily activities that happen around us. So this is my way of appreciating the older-gentleman



Blazer – Polyester camel blazer with an interesting take on the tux

Tie – Matching wool slim tie

Shirt- Striped white and blue fitted shirt to a bit of contrast

Pants – Black semi-casual pants

Socks – Happy socks

Shoes – Brown brogues and a matching belt

My Fashion Statement : “Throw in some personal touches to add character to your outfit (accessories) – e.g glasses, pockets squares, lapel pins, a watch


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My Snapshot_10
Expose Magazine Feature


1. Dress warmly !

Warm clothing especially when its layered, not only prevents exposure, it also helps retain body heat

Personal note : Scarfs, coats and boots

2. Eat warm food

Have tea, a coffee or any delicious winter soups as much as you can to keep your body warm.

Personal note: I recommend “news cafΓ© restaurant”, they have they best hospitality and a very warm environment


3. Take hot baths

The fastest way to relax your muscles, especially after a stressful day can warm you up in no time

Personal note: Take a shower standing, you will love the release of energy

4. Lastly

It’s amazing how a great state of mind can increase blood circulation and help the body adjust and keep us warm.

So share a joke ! Have a laugh or two



Please find the time to find these amazing people !

Β Model ~Β  Dyonne Tanaka Tafirenyika

Stylist ~ Zee Phone

Photocredit ~ Lynn Rutendo Mutsvikiri


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Author: Nigel Mtetah | My Fashion Statement

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  1. Hi great fashion shoot and tips. Perfect for wrapping up in the often chilly U.K.! I’ve subscribed and am looking forward to reading more:)

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