[Styling] Blue-checkered suit,Mix n Match



The suit maketh man! If you’re a lover of high-end men’s formal wear, with a bespoke kind of attitude towards your outfits, then this post if definitely for you. Today we’re discussing the blue-checkered suit and all its finesse. Gone are the days when men would just rock on a suit and not get playful around the many ways you can wear the suit for countless times and still have that fresh new look….Lets dive right in !


One look at that suit and you already know we have a lot to talk about. But before we start unraveling the mystery behind it, I’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge my lack of communication and apologize for the silence. I had a hectic start of the year but, who didn’t?

You would agree with me that the first and most predictable look would be to wear the complete three piece garment, add a nice crispy white shirt under it, a tie, and some nice brown shoes. Well bravo, you look nice but not outstanding! On the look I compiled in the photos I decided to lose the pants and still achieve that navy suit feel, matter of fact you probably didn’t notice the subtle change in pants but that’s what makes in interesting. The small changes matter!


Another look would be to lose the formal shoe, throw in some nice adidas all whites, with the checkered pants that come with the suit to match the jacket, lose the tie and maybe add a nice colorful scarf to round off the look with a nice contrast. Adding unexpected pieces to a look can make a huge difference, especially when breaking up a suit. Get playful, with style there are no limitations.


The third and most suave look will be just to add a nice nude over-coat on top of look two, add a nude bowler hat and some shades. Keep the scarf on! The shoes can be optional, either your formal double monks in brown, some grey/black chelsea boots, low cut brown brogues or your all rounders (the all white sneakers). This look is your night time/winter look because it involves heavy layering and you don’t want to walk around feeling like a pie in the oven.


Had I forgotten?  That sometimes, less is more and more is less! On a bright and sunny day, your casual look would be the blue-checkered pants from the suit, with a nice light-blue shirt, no tie. Add a nice clean brown belt and shoes that go with it then lose everything else and you’re good to go.

Gentleman ! Stop wearing expensive clothes and look boring all the time, rewearing the same idea over and over again. Try out these looks, even add some of your own. I look forward to hearing from you in the comments section, how else we could style the blue checkered suit.  I do hope this can bring another perspective to the way you dress.



NB. All items in this post are available for purchase, call 0777465610 to place your order

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Author: Nigel Mtetah | My Fashion Statement

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