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The guide to a true and unique sense of fashion.



At the very beginning ofcourse. It is not all of us who are in the know on how to choose clothes that fit, colors that match or have the mental capacity to afford style. Some of you reading this might be very rich and can afford expensive clothes but somehow when worn it looks like a cheap knock-off ! no offense. In this article I have 5 tips to help someone discover they’re style….


  1. Inspiration and Alignment

It is generally often that our personal style is influenced by the energies around us, celebrities, role models or generally the people we like and feel drawn to. Tip #1 will be to find that person who inspires you fashion-wise and align yourself with them. Preferably with the same body type as yours and why not borrow some styling bits. You can’t afford they’re style ? Very well, look for alternatives but circling around the same concept of dressing.


2. Browse for Clues

I came across this cool style quiz, basically it takes you through a questionnaire and at each turn sways your fashion choice around 5 categories. Give it a go, this might be a good starting point if you completely need to discover your style. Knowing what you’re generally into can save you loads of time when shopping and can bring an ease to your shopping budget when you have an over -view of who you are.


3. Grab a cart

Gents, my third tip for today is to visit each of the following online stores, start throwing some items in the cart. Pick whatever you feel like you would want to have in your wardrobe and toss in the basket. These online sites will allow you to view all the items you picked when you’re going through the checkout phase. You do not need to go through with the purchase unless you genuinely feel like you should, but go through the items, do you notice a trend ? Is it mostly street gear, casual-sheek, formal, jackets if jackets what kind of jackets ? This will surely give you an insight on what your personal preference is like and will give you a sense of direction fashion wise.

Websites: H&M, Fear Of God, AlieXpress, and be sure to check our shop My Fashion Statement when it launches.


4. Pay Attention

Forewarned is forearmed ! This is probably one of the oldest tricks in the book, but COMPLIMENTS are a great way to steer in the right direction. This does not only require you to be a risk taker but also gives you a whole array of outfits to try on and experiment with. Pay close attention to what your friends have to say, a stranger in the park or even the number of likes you get on a post when you decide to try something new. Good compliments dictate, ‘Its a go’, bad compliments,’a No’. As time goes on you’ll start to realize a chain of good compliments if you’re a good listener.


5. Find a Stylist

Hiring a stylist to consult your fashion needs not only means that you care about yourself, but also about other people or the community at large. The way we look can have a positive or negative effect to our surroundings resulting in acts of displeasure or positive reinforcement. Hire a stylist when going shopping or to some extent to do it for you, quarter yearly wardrobe management etc or attend a styling seminar, this is an easy way out and will give you an idea. I mean in this way you will surely discover your hidden elegance.




NB. All items in this post are available for purchase, call 0777465610 to place your order

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Author: Nigel Mtetah | My Fashion Statement

💼 Fashion is architecture, there's so many ways it can be defined. I'm excited to welcome you to this blog as l write about the most interesting and inner works of the fashion industry, providing you with style, grooming and outfit ideas. Also fusing fashion, lifestyle, arts & travel Please take the time to click on the links provided

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