My fashion statement was launched by an African Fashion and style Blogger named Nigel Muteta. The goal being to fuse fashion and lifestyle from different perspectives, cultures and beliefs. My Fashion Statement styles the gentleman on the daily to match all eventualities in which he may find himself entangled.

Known to have mastered the art of producing nothing but the highest-caliber content and a high-level of consistency, My Fashion Statement catches the readers attention not only visually but also intellectually as it also dispenses fashion tips and advise on the go. With a great appreciation of local tailor-ship, and fabric as well as hand picked designs and ideas, it is no doubt that the heart of this brand has been centered around uniqueness and a very eccentric type of fashion.

The author of this brand is an absolute adventurer and believes that there is not right or wrong, but only wrong application and good application on thought and character. This not only means that he is unpredictable but also ambiguous and it is no secret that My Fashion Statement as a whole, has been groomed and nurtured from this man’s way of life

I humbly welcome you and hope that you will find within MY FASHION STATEMENT, your sense of style, travel, lifestyle and grooming.

                 “Fashion has no bounderies” – Nigel Muteta


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