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Getting lost in paradise

Posted by My Fashion Statement on Thursday, February 28, 2019


Once again I did a shoot with Look Alive. Take five if you love the overall composition and most importantly acknowledging the feature from super model Chelsee from Iconic Model Management…..she took it to a whole new level. Lastly, i’d like to offer my most sincere gratitude to Orinique_photography & 808Afrika for your amazing support.

Now lets dive into it !

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Meet The Brand | House Of Gentlemen

Celebrating a new Brand Ambassadorship.



Feeling ecstatic as I introduce the most talked about men’s-wear brand. Known for its esteemed cut-to-fit suits and a neck for trendy menswear, the “House of Gentlemen“. I am also proud to announce a Brand Ambassadorship between myself & HOG thus in this article I’ll shed some light on what to expect in the near future…

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[Styling] Blue-checkered suit,Mix n Match



The suit maketh man! If you’re a lover of high-end men’s formal wear, with a bespoke kind of attitude towards your outfits, then this post if definitely for you. Today we’re discussing the blue-checkered suit and all its finesse. Gone are the days when men would just rock on a suit and not get playful around the many ways you can wear the suit for countless times and still have that fresh new look….Lets dive right in !

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The Jan-Jam (Fashion Exhibition) | Experience

Where to begin ?

If you are a lover of high-end fashion, classy and dapper looks then this post is definitely for you. I would like you to experience this astounding fashion through my attendance at a Fashion Exhibition hosted by Jan-Jam and trust me, i have never felt more alive….

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The Fashion Swap Party | Experience

Behind that serious face….

Was so much excitement & happiness, trust me lol. Why was i happy ? It was shortly after l had received an invitation for the Fashion Swap Party (Pop up sale) hosted by Nakisso Soulful Fashion |05.08.17. Hope you enjoyed watching the video……

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The Time Traveler | Women’s Month

In support of women this month:

My Fashion Statement has decided to run a campaign in collaboration with Revlon as a way to appreciate and empower women…..

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After denim, LEATHER has to be next in line for every man’s must have. For countless reasons, this item can really step-up up your wardrobe game and add a little playful touch to your look. I’m excited to present to you my leather street-style look this season……

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